Welcoming WordPress 2.1

This change can be called as a Birthday Gift for my subdomain “pbx.homeunix.org”. It celebrated its first year on 27 Feb 2007. The website though, has evolved through 9 years (since 1998) and has found itself on many different domain names, using various technologies for delivering content. It is rightly said “The only thing constant, is change.”. So today we move on to another technology…

This post is being made through the fantastic content management system called WordPress. You can check it out on http://www.wordpress.com/. I have tested it for more than 6 months, and I seem to like its simplicity and its power, rather the power hidden behind its simplicity! In the last 9 years of the existence of my website, on various domains under various titles using various content management systems… I have found that if a website can be edited “at whim”, there’s a better chance that it is updated regularly! What else gives itself to such purpose than a blog? Yet WordPress is not just a blog… is has facility to make static, hierarchical pages – just like a regular website. Hence m choice.

Another reason for selecting WordPress – though I like to have a fancy CMS, but I don’t like the cluttered look and feel of most of the content management systems we have around. This is a website devoted primarily to photography, it should be simple and straightforward because its audience includes mostly people who are not concerned with stuff like “CMS”, “Subversion“, “PyQt4” and “FreeBSD“. They usually don’t really care how many guests and registered users are online. They probably don’t want to know what version of software I am using. Infact, they don’t want to be bothered by this post either!

WordPress lets me keep other pages in the front, and hide the blog away – for the really enthusiastic people. Also, an important feature – I can embed Gallery2 into WordPress, making the experience of browsing this website as seamless and painless as possible. This post is actually “behind the scenes” – the website is still showing the “Website Under Maintenance” page… once I finish setting up the plugins and skin for the site, I’ll lift the curtain. Hope this change is a pleasant one. Apart from the broken links, there should not be much trouble – though I’ll try my best to make proper redirects ASAP. And friends, thank you for your patience, support and encouragement! Keep rocking.