What You Can Do From Your Browser

You can edit XHTML parts shown below.

(1) Content Top

You can add tags in the top of the content box.

(2) Menu

You can edit the content menu items.

(3) Menu Middle

You can add additional menu or something under the content menu list.

(4) CSS & RSS

You can add styles to CSS switch and can edit the title of “RSS”

(5) Menu Bottom

You can add more menu in the bottom of ther menu box.

(6) User Custom Footer

If you choose “User Custom Footer” in the preferences page, you can add its content with editing this.

(7) Base XHTML

This is the base XHTML which is used in all pages of P_BLOG. “{$variable}” are the parts which the result of PHP will be desplayed in.

OK, Where are the files?
They are all in /include/user_include.

“menu_bottom.inc.txt-sample” => “Botton of the menu”

Where’s the default files?
These are all in “/include/user_include/_default_backup/”.

Other XHTML parts are functionalized and organized in fnc_*.inc.php, so please refer to it when you need to.

Here’s a coding style example:

echo <<<EOD

<tag>XHTML contents{$PHP_VAR}</tag>

<tag>XHTML contents{$PHP_VAR}</tag>

<tag>XHTML contents{$PHP_VAR}</tag>


Here document ID is “EOD” (to make finding XHTML tags easier), and most of the PHP variables used in functions are in curly blacket.

Don’t forget to backup before you customize.

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