Conversion Script for MCX videos

I ran across a posting in the newsgroups today from Oscar Calvo, who has put together a short script to re-encode a video collection into WMV for playback on extender.

He states in his blog:

Well, I had a large collection of divx files on my computer.  For this reason and many others[1] I decided to convert all my video collection into WMV. (I have already converted all my mp3 collection into wma, Why not all my divx collection?).

My first task was to find a tool from Microsoft to convert to WMV, Have you used Windows Media Encoder? It sucks big time. It’s not reliable, it uses your CPU to the point where you are not able to use the computer for anything else and the user interface is not very friendly.

All I needed was a simply tool that will take an avi file and convert it to a wmv file.

If you’re looking to convert a video library to be more useful on MCX, this might be something to try out.